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Read more...Conveying fluids has always been an element of primary importance and  a subject of study for mankind.
The great aqueducts built by the Romans still today bear witness to the importance that has always been given to water supply, essential to the development of human civilization, and it must also be remembered that such works must be lasting in time and that the functionality of the water system is of utmost importance.
Today the technologies made available by hydraulic engineering allow the solution of any problem concerning the transport and distribution of fluids, whether they are in liquid or gas form, thanks to the use of materials with mechanical properties that can satisfy increasingly difficult and demanding working conditions, often variable over the lifetime of the pipeline.
Of the different materials that might be used in the construction of pipelines conveying fluids, steel is definitely the most commonly used, thanks to the high performance it can guarantee even when working conditions are extreme as well as persistent.
The production processes and the technologies used in the most up-to-date steelworks ensure a product of the highest quality, and guarantee the uniformity of the mechanical and metallurgic characteristics throughout the whole width of the coils used in the lamination plants.
Oil & Gas



Read more...As of October 2008, the 44th Edition of the API 5L has gone into effect. This norm distinguishes two different levels of the product (product specification level) defined PSL1 and PSL2, which differ one another by the quality of the specifics required; in fact, PSL2 requires a higher quality level compared to PSL1. In general, the pipes supplied following this norm can be welded with or without filler metal, or without welding. As in the last edition of this norm, the welding process must be followed by a normalization process of the welded area and thermally altered, obligatory beginning from steel grade X42 for the level PSL1, and obligatory for all the steel grades for the level PSL2.


welded steel line pipes conveying water according to EN 10224

Process of manufacture         Longitudinal welding HFI  
Production range                  From 1" ½ through 16"  
Manufacture standards          EN 10224  – NFA 49150 - API 5L  
Material                                 Steel L235 - L275 - L355   
Pipe ends                              Plain or belled (cylindrical/spherical)  
External coatings                   Bitumen for water according to UNI 5256 - Polyethylene according to UNI 9099 - R3R /DIN 30670  
Internal linings                   Hot submersed application of bitumen according to UNI 5256 - Thermosetting & thermoplastic resins –                                            Cement mortar lining according to DIN 2614 - Epoxy coal tar for sewerage systems
Length                                  8 –13 meters (+100/-50)  
Non destructive test              Hydrostatic test made on each pipe and magnetoscope inspection on line

The continuous research for new technologies, aiming to contain global electricity consumption, has brought to experiment and create fluid transportation systems which are always more efficient and that aim to gain higher levels of performance.
RIVECO GENARALSIDER S.P.A. has developed technologies for internally lining steel pipes with polyurethan foam in order to guarantee high performance for fluid transportation in district heating systems and/or for combustibles to produce energy.

Read more...The never-ending research for new technologies, aimed to solutions for energy saving, to the achievement of higher efficiencies and better pollution control on a worldwide level, have led to the testing  and construction of district heating and district cooling networks in place of localized boilers and A.C. units. These systems need transport networks for fluids  to be increasingly effective and specifically aimed to avoid energy losses.
Riveco Generalsider have developped technologies for insulating steel pipes using polyurethane foams, which can ensure high yields in the transport of fluids for district heating/cooling systems and conveying fuels for energy production.
One of Riveco Generalsider’s most important reference, which is worth mentioning, is the pre-insulation of the Val D’Agri oil pipeline, the largest project ever made in Italy, which involved the companies in the production of hundreds of kilometres of rigid polyurethane foam insulation.



RIVECO GENERALSIDER S.P.A. uses high level quality polyethylene for all its pipe, supplied by qualified producers externally or produced internally. Testing is performed, through systematic procedures, in conformity to the specific required. The pipes are built using the most modern plant structures, with a heat extrusion method, in agreement with the most important national and international norms, such as, UNI EN 1555, UNI ISO 4437, UNI EN 12201, etc., or according to Clients’ specifications, also in respect to the norms D.M. 24/11/84, and D.M. 11/99) and the Rules and Regulations of the Italian Institute of Plastics (IIP).


News and events


Development contract nr. 000357 – ex ministerial decree 24/09/2010


Description of the operation:

Construction of a new production line to upgrade

the pipe production in the mill located in Chieti Via Carboni, 1.



Expansion and improvement of the presence on the national and

international steel pipes market  for pipelines.



Expansion of production activities having introduced new types  of products

for steel industry and having purchased a new production line for pipes and

their finishing process.

This project was carried out with the financial support of European Union

PON IC 2014-2020 AXIS III

Stability Law 2014 (law nr. 147/2013)

FSC 2014-2020


Riveco GeneralSider S.p.A is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract for providing approximately 145 km of PE coated line pipes for gas transportation at high pression, diameter from 4 " to 12". The contracting entity is SNAM RETE GAS, Italy’s leading company in the transport and dispatching of natural gas, of which Riveco GeneralSider S.p.A. is an historical and qualified supplier since the 80’s. This contract is the result of a constant commitment and unbroken dedication in maintaining high quality standards.x

Multi-annual contract by SNAM RETE GAS

Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a is pleased to announce it has been awarded a multi-annual contract for providing approximately 300 km of PE coated pipes, diameter from 3 " to 4", for an approximate value of 3 million euros. The contracting entity is SNAM RETE GAS, Italy’s leading company in the transport and dispatching of natural gas, of which Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a. is an historical and qualified supplier since the 80s. This contract represents the umpteenth evidence of how the constant commitment and dedication in maintaining high quality standards are rewarded and recognized by important groups over time.