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A product's quality represents its ability to satisfate Customers' wishes, needs and request. This has to be achieved through the organization of resources, the planning of activities, the proper adequacy of structures and the staff's proficiency; each of them is to be harmonized in a systemic vision which is inspired by a continuous improvement policy and the Customers' satisfaction.

This means to consider all business activities just like a kind of a complex machinery, whose different parts interact each other and affect one another's work.



News and events

Multi-annual contract by SNAM RETE GAS

Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a is pleased to announce it has been awarded a multi-annual contract for providing approximately 300 km of PE coated pipes, diameter from 3 " to 4", for an approximate value of 3 million euros. The contracting entity is SNAM RETE GAS, Italy’s leading company in the transport and dispatching of natural gas, of which Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a. is an historical and qualified supplier since the 80s. This contract represents the umpteenth evidence of how the constant commitment and dedication in maintaining high quality standards are rewarded and recognized by important groups over time.