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A product's quality represents its ability to satisfate Customers' wishes, needs and request. This has to be achieved through the organization of resources, the planning of activities, the proper adequacy of structures and the staff's proficiency; each of them is to be harmonized in a systemic vision which is inspired by a continuous improvement policy and the Customers' satisfaction.

This means to consider all business activities just like a kind of a complex machinery, whose different parts interact each other and affect one another's work.



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Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics is available for downloading in the Download Area.
The General Conditions of Sale are now available for downloading in the Dowload Area.
50 Years with RGS

The Riveco GeneralSider S.p.A. group is proud to announce its 50th anniversary of activity, achieved along a path full of exciting challenges towards the satisfaction of its wide customer base.

RGS group represents the natural evolution, across half a century of business activity, of the experience gained by three firms operating on the steel pipes & anti-corrosive coatings field; General Sider Italiana S.p.A, Riveco Rivestimenti Condotte S.p.A. and General Tex s.r.l sinergically became through time a unique reference point in the field.

The business activity, whose plants  employ around 200 workers between the italian regions of Abruzzo and Molise, is committed to operate systematically in order to satisfy a more and more demanding customer base in Italy and abroad. The frantic competition in the global market has always motivated strategic choices aimed at continuously improving its quality, so as to provide excellent results by obtained certifications and customers' approval. This is why the corporate mission is not by chance to « operate systemically and methodically, aiming at a continuous improvement, in order to be ready to seize future chances ».

Just like a few can do, RGS is a group that is able to mix the firmness of who has got a strong past with the dynamic enthusiasm of who is always gazing to the future.

Then again, we are celebrating 50 Years.