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Ingrandimento immagineConcrete Overweighting by impingement is designed for the construction of underwater pipelines and carried out on pipes already protected with anticorrosion coating.
The thicknesses, the density of the cement mixture and the type of reinforcement may differ according to the characteristics of the pipe and of the laying conditions; our company supplies the technical assistance for the choice of the most suitable parameters for the construction of the Concrete Overweighting.

The pipe, coated with one of the different anticorrosion protections (polyethylene, purtar, bitumen, etc.), is placed on special trolleys and maintained in rotation. At this point, the cement mortar, cast from a hopper, is sprayed onto the pipe and wrapped together with the reinforcement net. The surface is then smoothed by brushes; if the Overweighting thickness requires a double or triple reinforcement netting, the procedure is repeated.
On request, on heavier thickness pipes, suitably spaced slots in the circumference can be cut to ease up the laying of the pipeline from the ship.

During the Concrete Overweighting operation, all production parameters are recorded and controlled, and the finished pipe is weighed as final step.
The pipes are then carefully moved to the curing yard and placed on sand dunes, where they must remain for at least 28 days, prior to despatching.

Ingrandimento immagineSize range

Diameter from 6” (168.3 mm) to 60” (1524 mm)
Length   from 8 m to 13.5 m

Specifications of the concrete material

Cement                                DIN 2614
Silica sand                            DIN 2614
Concrete density                  from 2200 to 3050 Kg/m3
Resistance to compression     from 200 to 350 Kg/cm2
(after 28 days curing)


News and events

Multi-annual contract by SNAM RETE GAS

Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a is pleased to announce it has been awarded a multi-annual contract for providing approximately 300 km of PE coated pipes, diameter from 3 " to 4", for an approximate value of 3 million euros. The contracting entity is SNAM RETE GAS, Italy’s leading company in the transport and dispatching of natural gas, of which Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a. is an historical and qualified supplier since the 80s. This contract represents the umpteenth evidence of how the constant commitment and dedication in maintaining high quality standards are rewarded and recognized by important groups over time.