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RIVECO GENERALSIDER S.p.A. has over 50 years of experience making steel pipes. It is expression, and natural evolution as well, of the expertise gathered by the two former companies operating in the steel pipes & anti-corrosion coating field: General Sider Italiana S.p.a. and Riveco Rivestimenti Condotte S.p.a.  The Group, over almost half a century, has become a leading Italian industrial Group specialized in the supply of products and services to the companies of the energy and infrastructure industries, with an extensive know-how in the field of the off-shore pipelines being one of the main companies in Europe to perform the concrete overweighting. The understanding of our customer's needs, application and markets and the comprehensive production range have proven our strength, that enables our customers to trust our Group as their resource for steel pipeline.


The production is carried out in two different industrial sites: the former based in Chieti Scalo and the latter in Larino, with a combined extension of 96.000 sq. mt. of production buildings and offices and more than 540.000 sq. mt. of stocking yards.


The Chieti production unit manufactures:

  • Longitudinally welded (ER HFI W) carbon steel pipes for both distribution and transport of fluids such as crude oil, gas, water, oxygen etc. at low, medium and high pressure, in the range from 3" (88.9 mm) through 16" (406.4 mm.) and in compliance with the most relevant International Standards: EN – API – ISO – UNI – BS – DIN – ASTM – AF. The production capacity exceeds 100.000 tons of pipes;
  • Extruded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes in PE 80 and PE 100 for methane and water distribution, with a production ranging from Ø 20 mm to Ø 400 mm and pressures ranging from PN 6 to PN 25 according to UNI EN 1555, UNI EN 12201, UNI ISO 4437 with an yearly output of 5.000 tons. The Company is granted a Product Certification registration;
  • Pre-insulated pipes for district heating/cooling systems and transport of hot fuels for energy production. The combination of producing steel and HDPE pipes conveying fluids, HDPE pipes for the sleeves and the foaming equipments makes Riveco General Sider the only fully integrated producer of pre-insulated pipes in the European market;
  • Asphalt coating and lining of bare pipes and bell spigotting of pipe ends;
  • Glass fibre fabrics which are used as a mechanical reinforcement for Asphalt and Coaltar coatings, rock-shield protection and as anti-shearing enhancement for gloss surface coatings (such as F.B.E. or paints) prior to Concrete overweighting. The Company provides full service being able to distribute also glass fibre felt.

The Larino production unit manufactures:

  • All kind of modern anticorrosion coatings and linings for pipes up to 64” diameter, plus other productions such as concrete overweighting and sacrificial anodes applications for offshore pipelines, rock-shield mechanical protections, polyurethane foam insulation for district heating/cooling projects and related services. The production lines are independent from each other and the different production departments can operate in a complete logistic autonomy.


The Company’s Quality Assurance System is certified according to the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and API 5L Spec. Q1 and in addition to these the company has acquired the following certifications: API Spec.5L, TÜV AD 2000-HP 0 and TÜV AD 2000-W0/TRD100 and the IIP certification on the product n° 338.

Via Marino Carboni, 1
66100 Chieti Scalo (Chieti)

Vat No./Tax Code: 00091170696
Social Capital: € 15.390.000,00
Registration No.: REA 54649


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50 Years with RGS

The Riveco GeneralSider S.p.A. group is proud to announce its 50th anniversary of activity, achieved along a path full of exciting challenges towards the satisfaction of its wide customer base.

RGS group represents the natural evolution, across half a century of business activity, of the experience gained by three firms operating on the steel pipes & anti-corrosive coatings field; General Sider Italiana S.p.A, Riveco Rivestimenti Condotte S.p.A. and General Tex s.r.l sinergically became through time a unique reference point in the field.

The business activity, whose plants  employ around 200 workers between the italian regions of Abruzzo and Molise, is committed to operate systematically in order to satisfy a more and more demanding customer base in Italy and abroad. The frantic competition in the global market has always motivated strategic choices aimed at continuously improving its quality, so as to provide excellent results by obtained certifications and customers' approval. This is why the corporate mission is not by chance to « operate systemically and methodically, aiming at a continuous improvement, in order to be ready to seize future chances ».

Just like a few can do, RGS is a group that is able to mix the firmness of who has got a strong past with the dynamic enthusiasm of who is always gazing to the future.

Then again, we are celebrating 50 Years.